Utah high school student, Michael, felt ecstatic when he received an invitation to the upcoming homecoming dance from a cheerleader. Like most teenagers, he couldn’t wait to show up with his date to the big school dance. But Michael was too shy to actually approach any girls and ask them to join him. If the outlook was bad, things were about to get even worse – some heartless school bullies played a prank on Michael, humiliating him in front of his entire school! Not only was he going to go to the dance alone: he was worried that no one would want to spend time with him at the dance itself!


Michael, who has ADHD and autism, felt heartbroken when he found out the truth about the prank. Word spread around the school. When one of Michael’s teachers learned about the awful incident, she phoned a famous friend.

What happened next surprised everyone, Michael most of all! The tables really turned when a beautiful celebrity showed up in Michael’s classroom to save the day. Read on to hear this heartwarming story that shows the power of true kindness.

Back to School

Michael had just entered his junior year at Taylorsville High School in Utah. For teenagers like Michael, back to school means the end of summer and time to hit the books again. For Michael, the beginning of the new year meant dealing with the social difficulties that come alongside his diagnosis – but Michael usually doesn’t let that slow him down.

Like most students his age, Michael looked forward to the new school year and a chance to catch up with old friends. Most teenagers don’t like waking up early for class, but students certainly get excited about all the social events like football games on Friday nights and school dances.

Homecoming Season

Back to school also means the time of year for high schoolers to celebrate homecoming together. It gives everyone a chance to welcome back alumni and show off their school pride. High schools invite students and graduates to gather at the homecoming football game for celebration.

All the kids nominate outstanding classmates to crown as homecoming king and queen. Students get excited about who will be crowned and about what dresses they will wear and how will they get there. Of course, the students also get anxious thinking of who they will bring to the homecoming dance.

Finding a Date

Like his classmates, Utah high school student, Michael wondered who he would take to the homecoming dance. It was his first school dance, after all. However, approaching girls to ask them to the dance was daunting for Michael, and he had never ever done that before!

Couples in school already had their dates to the dance. Michael could overhear his classmates talking about who they wanted to take to homecoming He felt hopeful that he, too, would find the right girl to bring to his first dance.

A Note Arrives

On Labor Day weekend, Michael’s home was egged, but had left behind a note. He opened the note left on his doorstep and signed by a female friend from school that read, “I’m sorry for the mess. But how about I make it up to you by taking you to homecoming?”

Michael felt so excited when he received an invitation from a cheerleader to go with her to that homecoming dance. Although he had a funny feeling, Michael felt overwhelmed with excitement. He went to bed dreaming of the amazing time they would have together very soon. 

A Rude Awakening

The next day, Michael woke up for school smiling. After all, it’s a big deal to have a girl ask you out for the homecoming dance. He headed to class where he finally worked up the nerve to accept the invitation to the dance in person. As soon as he spotted the girl in the hallway, he started approaching to give his answer.

Michael smiled and told the girl that he would happily accompany her to the dance. Then the girl responded with a strange look on her face. Suddenly, a suspicious feeling came over him. He felt happy to receive the note, but something felt wrong.

A Big Letdown

Michael felt confused. The girl, who he thought had asked him to the dance, politely said that she felt so sorry but had nothing to do with the note. In fact, she had already planned to go to homecoming with someone else.

Suddenly, a terrible feeling set in. He was sure she had sent it and had been excited to receive her note. If his friend hadn’t sent the note, who did? Then he remembered something that made his heart sink. 

The Ugly Truth

Michael thought about what the letter had said: “I’m sorry for the mess. But how about I make it up to you by taking you to homecoming?” What did that first part of the note really mean? After all, she had egged his home and that was the way she would make it up to him.

And the note even had a kiss on it! Michael asked his friends, but none of them knew what he was talking about. None of them had sent him the note. Certainly, none of them had added a kiss on the end to invite him to homecoming! 

A Cruel Prank

It turns out it was all a joke. Bullies had egged Michael’s home and left a letter on the doorstep pretending to be one of his classmates. They signed the note pretending the girl had left it with a kiss on the bottom.

Michael, of course, felt devastated to learn that a group of bullies at his high school had pulled such a cruel prank. His mother said that he took it badly and that her ‘Mama bear’ was awoken. She wanted to kill the bullies that did this.

The Aftermath

High school can be a difficult time for many young adults. But for Michael things got out of hand. It was a difficult time. Just when he thought his teenage dream had come true, it all came crashing down.

Michael tried to brush it off, but his mother felt overwhelmed with anger. She told local news reporters, “I was out for blood.” Fortunately, though, something happened next that neither one of them expected.

Word Gets Out

Word of the prank spread amongst the students and faculty members. When Michael’s former debate teacher, Jenn, found out, she felt heartbroken. After all, he already had enough to deal with at school.

Jenn explained to the press, “I just thought it was a terrible incident. I didn’t know that I could do anything to turn it around, to be honest.” That was at first, at least. Later, she had a brilliant idea that would turn the tables.

A Positive Outlook

Jenn felt horrible to learn what had happened to her former student. When meeting Michael, many don’t realize that he has autism and ADHD. Although he has a difficult time adjusting and learning in school, he tries to never let it slow him down.

Michael is high-functioning, but some of his classmates aren’t mature enough to accept people for their differences. Michael, on the other hand, has a courageous outlook. “They think that we are dumb, we’re weak, we’re not smart. I’m here to prove them wrong,” he explained.

Spring Into Action

Michael’s teacher quickly went into action. She knew she only had a little time between then and the dance to try and coordinate something really special. Jenn wanted Michael to have a great time at homecoming, just like everyone else.

A light when off in her head and she thought of a way to save the day, and the school dance. She thought of her famous close friend who might know what to do and who might be able to fix the situation.

Calling for Backup

Michael’s teacher, Jenn, wanted to reverse the negative impact of such a terrible prank and help Michael feel better as quickly as possible. If she could pull this off, maybe, just maybe, they could help Michael feel better.

First, she spoke with Michael’s mother to get some help in pulling off the big surprise. Things went into motion quickly from there. They all worked together to make this a moment that Michael would never forget. 

A Big Surprise

Michael had no idea what would happen the next day at school.  At this rate, he didn’t expect to have a date for the homecoming dance after all. Michael was sad about this, but he tried to just brush it off and move on.

Was he sure in for a surprise! Someone famous had heard about the incident and planned to show up at Michael’s school to ask him out for real. Michael wouldn’t be forgetting this moment in a hurry, that’s for sure!

An Invitation to the Dance

Michael thought it was just another ordinary day as he sat in history class behind his computer desk. Then, suddenly, he heard someone walk into his classroom and call out his name right in the middle of a test.

He looked up and couldn’t believe his eyes! A pretty, young voice called out from across the classroom. He heard his name, but couldn’t believe it when he looked up and saw who it was and that she was asking for him.

It’s a Date!

“Hi, Michael… I was wondering if I could take you to homecoming.”  Michael couldn’t help but hide the big smile on his face. “Sure,” Michael said confidently and without hesitation. “You’ll come to Homecoming with me?”  Michael responded with another, resounding, “Sure.”

She had even come to class with Starbursts, his favorite candy, to sweeten the proposal. After Michael accepted the invitation, the entire classroom burst out themselves into applause. Michael’s dream of going to the homecoming dance with a special date had come true!

The Tables Turn

The tables really turned when a famous face showed up in Michael’s classroom asking him to homecoming on camera in front of his entire class! She said that it was really important that she made the proposal at his school in front of everyone.

“I really wanted to make sure it was at the school. So that way those people who have been bullying could see something positive was coming from this and that they weren’t winning,” she told reporters.

The Video Goes Viral

Michael’s classmates weren’t the only ones touched to see the famous face come to the rescue and ask him to homecoming. They caught the entire thing on camera!  Soon social media exploded with videos of the proposal.

Strangers on the internet felt overjoyed to see that someone famous had surprised Michael to ask him out to the dance, especially after all he had been through. Many shared their happiness over social media!

Famous on Twitter

The videos of the invitation spread across Twitter where it was shared hundreds of times and got thousands of views. What did Michael think about all of this? He said humbly, “I think it was pretty nice. It was very thoughtful.”

Michael really got the last laugh in the end. You won’t believe who invited Michael to the dance. Not only is she famous, but she is also incredibly beautiful to boot. Now that is definitely something for Michael to smile about!

A Little Help from a Friend

So who was the special celebrity that surprised Michael in his classroom? When Michael’s former teacher, Jenn, heard about what had happened, she knew she had to do something. She decided to reach out to a close friend, former Miss Lehi, Caitlin Thomas.

Thomas told the news, “I couldn’t imagine how he and his family felt, finding out that it wasn’t real.” Caitlin Thomas had some connections because of her experience in pageants and decided to reach out to another friend for help.

Kindness Goes a Long Way

When Caitlin told her kind-hearted friend about Michael’s story, she felt especially motivated to help. So much so that she decided to go all the way to Taylorsville High School herself and remedy the situation.

This wasn’t a publicity stunt either. She felt a close connection to Michael’s story after she grew up helping care for her uncle with special needs. In fact, she currently attends the University of Utah pursuing a degree in ballet with a Master’s in special education.

Close to the Heart

“The second I heard about this, I knew I wanted to do something,” she said. “I automatically broke down into tears, because just thinking about the fact that someone would go out of their way to make someone else feel bad is so heartbreaking to me,” she explained.

She connected with Michael’s mom to pull off the proposal. “It just touched my heart. He was so excited!” she told reporters later. So who was the mystery person that showed up to save the day… and the dance?

His Angel

Dexonna Talbot, aka Miss Utah. Michael felt so happy to have such an amazing person to take with him to his first dance. He called Dexonna his “angel”. And on her part, she also felt excited about the date and being involved in such a good cause.

She told reporters, “I’ve never been to a dance in a limo! I wanted to make sure that this was a homecoming and experience that he remembers in a positive way.” Everyone behind the surprise wanted to make sure that Michael felt valued and important, especially after what he went through. 

Over The Moon

Michael’s mother was over the moon with joy for her son. “This wasn’t a publicity stunt of any kind for her. She’s just got a tender heart. And she has really made my sons year. So, thank you!” Michael’s mom, Jenny told reporters.

For the big dance, Dexonna plans to spend the afternoon and evening with Michael. First, they will go play games at the arcade (Michael considers himself a big gamer). Next, they’ll get a nice meal at a restaurant for dinner. “And then we’ll head to the dance and boogie on the dance floor!” said Dexonna.

The Big Night Out

Michael never found out who sent the fake note. After learning about the hoax, he ripped it up and threw it away. He didn’t let the entire thing get him down, though.

Later, he shared, “You can’t pin me down. “I’ll always get back up.” With a positive attitude like that, Michael surely has a bright future ahead. Dexonna had such a good time with him, but unfortunately, some people doubted that her intentions were pure.

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